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In 1986, the company formerly "Quanzhou Sunwu plastic stationery factory" was established, knife, began work license series of stationery and handicraft production.

In 1990 the "Hongkong Yi Bao relevant enterprise Co. Ltd." was established in Hongkong, engaged in import and export trade, the same year, the establishment of a joint venture "Quanzhou Wenbao Stationery Co., Ltd", began to enter the international market.

1995 the establishment of sole proprietorship company "Quanzhou Wenbao Light Industry Co. ltd."

In 1999, settled in Quanzhou economic and Technological Development Zone to build "Wen Bao Industrial park"

In 2004 through the ISO9001 international quality management system certification

In 2010 the establishment of Direct stores

2012 national "" industry standard drawing instruments

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