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1, the company philosophy

[and] the idea:

- "harmony but not sameness gentleman villain, with and without"

- from all corners of the country people together, regardless of age, gender, religion, nature, unity of seeking common ground while putting aside differences, coexistence.

"And the king of peers, to build a cause"

The construction of - efficient team, cannot do without effective communication within the team. Only through communication and coordination, improve product quality, improve work efficiency, in order to improve the efficiency of enterprises.

Six features of the concept of corporation:

A positive thinking, communication and develop, the rules can be effectively implemented, to mobilize all positive factors;

Two, open and fair justice, is to get all aspects of employee, enterprise, customer interests coordinate;

Three, the sincere friendship is the staff help, honesty, harmony;

Four, full of vigor and vitality, is to make all efforts conducive to progress to create the desire to be respected, creative activities to be supported, to create to get to play, be sure to create results and share;

Five, stability and order is the organization mechanism, perfect the management, the order of production and life is good, all the employees live and work in peace, stability and unity;

Six, the development of the company, employees rich life. Harmony, that is, it is a process of continuous improvement.

2, the vision of the company

- the treasure let you down!

3, corporate strategy

The product function innovation

- focus on the customer experience

- the treasure let you down!

4, enterprise culture

- innovation, enterprising spirit of enterprise,

Effective team - building, realistic, sincere cooperation, win-win.

5, the enterprise tenet

- seek employee happiness.

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